Filmplakat ALÉ


  • Production: Soul Film Production, Infinity TV
  • Director: Marco Zingaretti
  • Music: Overlogic Music
  • Start: 2019
  • Length: 74 Minutes
  • Country: Italy
  • Language: Italian
  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: FILMKULTUR

The documentary “Alé” shows in impressive images the beauty of climbing through the eyes of a group of amateur climbers who are accompanied over six months. In the process, it also brings us closer to the meaning of the term Alé. It is more than just a word for the climbing community. Alé stands for motivation, strength and support. The journey begins in the kitchen of the writer Erri De Luca and leads past breathtaking Italian rock landscapes to Greece, to the unique climbing shoe workshop in Athens.

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Festival Selections

BARCIFF, ARFF Berlin, Verona Mountain Film Festival, Roma Indipendent Prisma Award, FiCTS Milano, Sestriere Film Festival, Trento Film Festival

With support by

The film is produced in collaboration with Infinity+, the innovative streaming service of Telecom Italia

Well-known interview partners

One of Italy's greatest contemporary writers and a well-known amateur climber, Erri De Luca plays an important role in the film


About the Film

“Alé” comes from the French word “allez”, the most commonly used word in the climbing world: an invitation and encouragement that sums up the spirit of climbing itself, a community and group sport.

The film is shot in climbing gyms in Rome, in rocks all over Italy (Sperlonga, Ferentillo, Frosolone) and even in Greece, in Athens, where one of the most important climbing shoe manufacturers in Europe is located. The famous Italian writer Erri De Luca is the voice and the thread of the film. He has been accompanied for the film while climbing and in an interview he talks about the philosophy that has influenced him in his experiences as a climber.

«Salire sopra una montagna non serve a niente. Devi scendere e abbandonarla, devi disfare la tua salita. A che cosa serve? Serve a infilarsi in un vicolo particolarmente ben riuscito della Bellezza.» (Erri De Luca)

Translation: “Climbing over a mountain does no good. You have to come down and abandon it, you have to undo your ascent. What is it for? It serves to slip into a particularly successful alley of Beauty.”

our statement


“Alé” shows the fascinating world of climbing through the personal stories of a group of passionate amateur climbers. We experience firsthand the beauty of nature and the unique connection and support within the climbing community. From breathtaking climbing footage to deeply personal stories, “Alé” offers an inspiring and motivating experience for all, regardless of their prior knowledge of the sport.

The passion and determination of the climbers is stirring. This film is an emotional journey that encourages reflection on one’s passions and life’s challenges.


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