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For over 15 years, companies and brands, NGOs and internationally known musicians have trusted our expertise in marketing and film production. We put them in the limelight in a documentary way to get them to the target. Today, credibility is at the heart of all successful communication. The relevance of authentic content is greater than ever before.

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Discover a selection of our productions from the past years. With this cross-section we would like to give you an idea of how we work cinematically for companies and brands. From reportage to image film or event video, almost anything is possible. However, the documentary approach is always the common denominator of all our works.


LIDL - Frisch vom Feld

Lidl and the DHB are launching the YouTube magazine “Frisch vom Feld – Handball Hautnah” for the 2023 European Handball Championship – hosted by Florian Schmidt-Sommerfeld. A special 20-minute edition about the German national team will be produced for the World Championships in Katowice, Poland, in January 2024. We were able to realize the entire episode for and with ‘Little Dot Studios’. Together, we filmed and post-produced the moderation and interviews at the venue. Part of the content concept was also a multi-platform livestream, which we designed and implemented technically.



The sparkling wine brand celebrated the launch of the Mumm Art Edition with an innovative brand experience. In cooperation with the Art Night event series, around 400 invited participants were able to get creative for one day in April 2019. While small works of art were created on the canvases, Mumm served sparkling champagne. The video accompaniment made it possible to extend the offline activity to digital channels long after the actual event.



As a manufacturer of precision medical devices, the Swiss company EMS is the market leader in dental prophylaxis. The company exclusively serves B2B customers. Videos are used specifically, e.g. in marketing and customer service, which we implement together as a long-term partner. This video, for example, explains the procedure for ordering a GBT rental system. It serves to reduce application errors, incomplete returns and queries, thereby cutting costs. At the same time, we were able to achieve a high-quality look with low production costs. We also used AI tools to synchronize the video cost-effectively for international use.


Jan Blomqvist

Internationally known for his live performances with band, Jan Blomqvist filled the Muffathalle in Munich to capacity in February 2020. The concert was accompanied by an elaborately staged light show, designed by Shan Blume. This 4K multicam production, visually conceived and implemented by us, was created with 10 cameras.



In this video for the automation specialist, the trade show booth and machines are put in the spotlight. The footage was shot during a two-hour shoot at Automatica 2022 in Munich. Editing and music provide a high degree of dynamism.


Molkerei Bauer

Regional, sustainable and personal is the motto at Bauer. A newly developed communication strategy is also intended to convey this to end consumers. In line with this, the farmers who produce for Bauer are presented. As part of this, this film portrait was created, which we were allowed to conceive and realize in 2020. In the interview, we learn what is important to this family in their work, while the images provide insights into their everyday life with the animals on the farm.



During the street promotion of this cigarillo brand, numerous visitors to Munich’s Maxvorstadt in July 2021 were able to enjoy free product samples. A classic offline marketing campaign that could be extended into the online world through our cinematic accompaniment. A valuable and effective content piece, especially in campaigns for the younger target group.


Bayerisches Oratorium

The young, up-and-coming composer Andreas Begert is known for his innovative works and their bold realization. Thus, the Bavarian Oratorio is also a creation of new music. Written for around 120 musicians, the piece premiered in Munich’s Herkulessaal in May 2022. As part of the PR strategy, the trailer was used, for example, in TV features as well as for the social media campaign. We particularly enjoyed the conception and production of this cinematic contribution.



For the launch of the book series “Kochen mit Korn” (Cooking with Grain), the Swiss publishing house Miwadis Verlag started a broad marketing campaign in 2016. We were able to convince with idea, concept and implementation of the filmic part. The targeted impression of a journalistic contribution creates trust. This can be one of the most valuable goals, especially for new companies.


IKGS & Spiegelungen

“Spiegelungen”, the magazine of the Institute for German Culture and History of Southeast Europe – awarded a literary prize for minimal prose to writers from three countries in 2020. As part of the digital award ceremony, we designed and produced portraits of the winners from Ukraine, Romania and Germany, each consisting of an interview section and a reading of their work. In addition, we designed the trilingual landing page and the optimized integration on YouTube.


Dr. Klöppel & Kollegen

Serious and factual information is an important factor, especially for sensitive topics. This is also the case in cosmetic surgery. Here, the form of an editorial contribution offers the ideal framework for credible storytelling. The prerequisite for this is working with “real people,” as in this film for a renowned practice. The real patients were accompanied during follow-up examinations and in everyday life. Based on their case, the method and benefits of a particular surgical procedure were explained. In addition, this format can build trust with the experts.

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Trust that has been built up is retained in the long term.

What matters

Curiosity, fascination, enthusiasm. No other genre triggers stronger emotions in the viewer than documentaries. They are real stories that touch us so much for precisely that reason. It is particularly exciting when we are allowed to look into a world that is unknown to us, or discover a new perspective from the world in which we live. 

As a company, it has long since ceased to be enough to spread imaginative advertising slogans. People want brands that stand for something. Brands they can identify with. Values such as honesty and sustainability, as well as respectful interaction at eye level, are of great importance to many customers. And awareness of this is growing all the time.

We know and understand the wishes and needs of both sides. Successfully bringing them together through the language of film is our understanding of added value.

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