Longing for an unknown Home

  • Start: 15. Juli 2021
  • DVD: 16. December 2021
  • Production: FILMKULTUR
  • Director: Holger Gutt
  • Music: Andreas Begert
  • Length: 74 Minutes
  • Country: Germany
  • FSK: 0

What do you do when you don’t feel at home in your homeland? Together with his father, Holger quickly starts a road trip to the land of his ancestors. 1600 kilometers from Bavaria to Transylvania. Their goal: the childhood home of the Father. He hasn’t been there for 30 years either. A journey that changed their lives and speaks from the soul to an entire generation.

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Worldpremiere in Munich | 11 July 2021


ASTOR Film Lounge Munich


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About the Film

In this film, we follow the protagonist, Holger, as he approaches the question of his own identity as a young adult. He was born and raised in the area around the German city of Munich. But his parents come from Romania. When he notices that, as a native-born Bavarian, he does not feel at home in the culture, he goes in search of his roots.

This is where the film starts and takes us on Holger’s journey. It begins with a brief glimpse into the history of Transylvania and a conversation with his parents. At the home meeting of the Transylvanian Saxons he first seeks an exchange with other young people.But none of this can satisfy his longing for a home and cannot answer his questions. His great hope lies in a trip to Romania. The road trip begins. He wants to visit his parents’ house with his father.

On the journey they discuss their attitude towards life and surprise again and again with comical situations. While the two learn more and more about each other and from each other, the viewer can experience how the relationship between father and son changes bit by bit.

When Holger arrived in the Transylvanian town of Weidenbach, the scenes from his parents’ stories suddenly became real experiences of his own. When they finally stand in front of their father’s house, which is now inhabited by strangers, a conflict arises: While Holger’s curiosity grows, his father is increasingly confronted with his past. One has to give in.

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In the end it is clear that this film is much more than a personal search for clues. It opens the space for every viewer to be able to find themselves in the questions and thoughts of the protagonist. Especially with the generations who grew up between two cultures as the descendants of displaced people. A ubiquitous topic in Europe and around the world.


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