Filmplakat "They Call Me Onion"

They Call Me Onion

  • Original Title: Mi Chiamano Cipolla
  • Directors: Giansalvo Pinocchio, Riccardo Baiocco
  • Score: Pericle Odierna
  • Start: 2023
  • Duration: 68 Minutes
  • Country: Italy
  • Language: Italian
  • Subtitles: English
  • Distribution: FILMKULTUR

Jasmin Ramovic, called “Cipolla” (Onion), has lived since childhood with 14 siblings, parents and relatives in trailer parks on the outskirts of Rome. Everything is supposed to change for the better when he moves into a social housing unit, but instead he finds himself confronted with death, strife and homelessness. In the process, the hidden story of a man comes to light, whose turmoil in search of himself seems to create a reality of its own.



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Awards & Festival Selections

"Doc/it Professional Award For Innovation" Winner, Laceno D'oro 2022 Official Selection

International Cooperation

This Italian/German collaboration brings together young talents to enrich documentary film together.

Award-winning Composer

The internationally renowned musician and composer, Pericle Odierna, completes the film into an expressive work of art.


About the Film

“Cipolla” (Onion) is actually Jasmin Ramovic. Born in Bosnia, he moved to Rome with his family as a child. For Jasmin and his 14 siblings, his parents and grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts, nieces and nephews, trailer parks on the outskirts of the city have been home ever since.

In 2018, while filming in his neighborhood, Jasmin gets into conversation with the directors Riccardo and Giansalvo, invites them to join him in the trailer park in Ex-Fiera, shows them everything. In the process, Jasmin tells them about an eviction notice that would force the Roma family onto the street. At this time, he is given hope above all by the prospect of receiving a social housing apartment that he applied for long ago. And indeed, Jasmin and his parents are granted the apartment. Everything seems to take a positive turn, and Jasmin’s long-awaited wish of a harmonious life in the circle of his closest family could finally come true. But instead, an emotional roller coaster begins for him.

Unexpectedly, his beloved grandparents die a few months apart. He increasingly comes into conflict with his father. Jasmin ends up on the street. During this difficult time, the directors decide to help Jasmin out of a tight spot, for example when he is confronted with problems applying for social benefits due to his illiteracy. To do so, they consciously leave the professional distance to their protagonist. As they become more and more a part of the action, the viewer can witness how the camera uncovers revealing contradictions and secrets.

What is the real state of Jasmin’s father’s health? And what role does the elusive cousin Tony play for him? Fact and fiction begin to collide and reveal a façade. In the process, the hidden story of a man comes to light whose turmoil in search of himself seems to create a reality of his own.

about the creatives


Giansalvo Pinocchio graduated in 2019 in Directing at the Gian Maria Volonté School. Riccardo Baiocco graduated in 2019 in Film Studies at La Sapienza University in Rome. “Mi Chiamano Cipolla” is their first documentary feature film together as a directing duo.

Giansalvo Pinocchio

Riccardo Baiocco



our statement


“They Call Me Onion” shows the conflict between truth and desire, in the search for one’s identity. Jasmin, who tries to recreate himself through his stories, challenges us to question the influence of culture, family and society on our own personality development. The film opens in an intimate dialogue the question of what it means for a person when illusions and lies seem to be the only solution to be accepted and loved.


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